Glass Tips – Handmade from grade A glass.



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For the ultimate smoking experience, inhale and exhale the OG way with OG Tips!

Here at OG Tips, we specialize in creating handmade glass filter tips using Grade A glass. This allows you to reduce the amount of tar and resin that you are pulling through, as well as how harsh your smoking experience is. This can make smoking much smoother and enjoyable for you, while also reducing the negative impact on your health.

There are a number of benefits you get from using glass tips when smoking. It reduces the amount of resin and tar that can be pulled through, making it healthier for you to smoke. This will also make it tastier and smoother to smoke for you. You also don’t have to worry about getting tar or resin on your lips or fingers; instead, it will get caught in the glass piece, which you can later clean.


On top of that, you’ll be able to smoke all the way down to the end because it won’t burn your hands or the filter. Instead, the glass tip will let you burn it all the way through so you don’t waste any. The end will also always be clean; you’ll never have to deal with ends soaked in saliva again!


It can also help reduce the amount of odors that you have on your fingers after smoking. No one likes to smell like smoke after and have it linger on your fingers. Instead, using a glass tip will help reduce the amount of odor that gets on your fingers and which attaches to you, leaving you smelling fresh rather than like smoke.

Glass tips are extremely simple, fast, and efficient to clean as well. They are reusable, so you can continue to use them again and again. Simply clean them using a pipe cleaning and rubbing alcohol, getting all of the resin off and fully cleaning it. This way, each time you use it will be smooth and clean, helping with negative health effects and odors.


Just put the tip in a small plastic bag, add a cleaning solution that is comprised largely of rubbing alcohol, add salt, seal the bag, and shake it gently. Do this for a short period of time, until the resin and tar built up on the glass tip comes off. From here, you can rinse and clean out your glass tip, safely disposing of the cleaning solution. Now your tip will be good as new!

We don’t just offer glass tips for sale, we also have a range of other associated products that will make your smoking experience better. First, our glass tips are designed so that they can easily be rolled when using rolling papers, allowing you to fit it inside in many cases. They are also compatible with most rolling machines, so that you can do the job quickly and efficiently. This leaves you with perfect rolls every time, plus the added benefits of the glass tip. Whether you put it around or inside, it will make rolling much simpler and convenient, which will lead to better smoking for you!


In order to offer you the very best, we also supply rolling paper products. This way, you can use OG Tips for all of your smoking needs. With rolling papers and glass tips for sale, you should be able to find everything you need to make your next smoke a great one!

If you want more than just the glass tips and want to round out your smoking experience, we have combo packs and bundles available so you can get more than just a glass tip. We have bundles that include regular and slim glass tips, rolling papers, a rolling machine, and a rolling surface. This makes sure that you can pick a bundle that suits you and get everything all at once!


We also feature combo packs that carry both regular and slim glass tips, multiple packs of glass tips, and even a box of twenty glass tips.

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